Remember Putty Squad, “one of the most critically acclaimed platformers of the 16bit-era”? No? Strangely enough, most people seem to have missed the adventures of what the Daily Mail calls “gaming’s best loved characters”. This surprisingly praise for an obscure early-nineties SNES-title…

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"Hey, mind if I play a game in the living room?" I asked my wife.

"Sure, what is it?"

"It’s called Brothers. You know that guy on the Internet? The one with the million subscribers?"

"The Swedish guy who I couldn’t watch for more than thirty seconds?"

"Lord no, I mean an entertaining one….



At least once per year, I fly to Las Vegas and completely blow my tubes out for forty eight hours. Alternative realities give you new perspectives on things, so I justify it as personal development.

After uncounted hours of punishment at a craps table, I was in no mood to be placated with…

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The future of IM is…SMS?

If you’re one of the many people, like me, who used Google Talk as their Instant Messenger before we were forced onto Hangouts by an automatic update, you may have noticed a few annoyances about how Hangouts works (or doesn’t).

Let’s look at which features have been removed that I’ve noticed. This is going by the official Chrome client, which is identical to the one in GMail and G+ from what I’ve seen.

  • Away status. This is the biggest gripe that I’ve seen. You can no longer mark yourself as “away” nor can you set a text status explaining why.
  • You can’t go “invisible”
  • GTalk’s “off the record” feature. Hangouts now stores everything whether you want it to or not.


It seems that the concept of being “away” has been replaced by “snoozing” which puts notifications on hold while still receiving messages.

This is all starting to sound more like SMS than Instant Messaging. You’re never “away” or offline. You don’t send a message expecting them to “be there”, you just send it and wait for their eventual reply. Google has even, at least partially, dropped the XMPP protocol and is planning on adding SMS support in the future.

Google did a little more than update it’s client. They appear to be redefining Instant Messaging. It’s not clear if they intend to merge IM and SMS in the future but we’ll have to wait and see.



i saw this on my friend nick’s feed.  if you’re like me, you’ve probably been incredibly depressed at some point in your life.  this comic was a pretty good explanation of how i sometimes feel.


I feel like this needs a caption

I feel like this needs a caption


Making HTML Purifier Work With CodeIgniter

There’s a post here about getting it to work, but it’s old. Since then, the include statements for HTML Purifier were moved to their own file. In a normal script you would include the HTMLPurifier.includes.php file, but this isn’t in line with how CodeIgniter loads libraries, so it requires some hacking to get working.

  1. Download HTML Purifier and put the contents of the library folder into your codeigniter /system/application/libraries folder.
  2. Open HTMLPurifier.includes.php and change require 'HTMLPurifier.php'; to //require 'HTMLPurifier.php';
  3. Open HTMLPurifier.php and add this just under <?php require_once('HTMLPurifier.includes.php');

And that’s all! Load with


HTML Purifier

HTML Purifier Docs